Thursday, October 17, 2019


Google finally updated their mobile Blogger app, which is the first time since 2016, and it was still some time before that when any real development was done on it. The update before this past week's left it broken when trying to upload photos to the posts.

I am writing this post in the app. Here's even a picture of my as I am drafting this.

Yeah, that's how I look when I draft all the posts.any others are happy about this update. Check out the reviews since 15 Oct 2019.

Yes, yes, we are playing tomorrow.

Do make a note of 8 Nov 2019. There will not be hoops at The WP that morning. I will tell you guys for the next few weeks.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Sup, Adam?

You might be the only one reading this site these days. I thought a direct post to you would make the most use of this medium.

We are playing tomorrow morning. It's all the same as usual. Hope your Thursday is going well! See you in the morning.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Ready for Coolness

I was actually referring to the weather, but I'm also ready for coolness in the general sense. That means Fonzy-like coolness, Keanu Reeves-like coolness, Joe Cool-like coolness, or more appropriately Michael Jordan-like coolness.

So many different types from which to choose! Right now, I'll settle for weather. I might be more in the Michael Jordan mindset tomorrow.

Speaking of Jordan, get your game on tomorrow morning!