Friday, September 29, 2006

update: no monday!

i got a message from elaine today stating no hoops on monday or friday.  i don't know yet if there is a half court option on monday, and i'll still not know about friday's court size until after wednesday night.

if someone wants to volunteer to check on sunday evening to find out and let me know, i'll post here.  unless i hear something, i'll assume we don't play.

back to eight

good ol' four-on-four basketball.  just like in philly...except not as cold and minus one person per team and no steak and cheese after you eat.  ok, so i never really played basketball in philly, but fresh prince did.  "in west philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where i spent most of my days.  chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool, shootin' some b-ball outside of the school...."  you know the rest.

i'm sitting at my favorite starbucks writing this up.  i'm taking a day off.  jealous?  ha!

this morning was good hoops.  1k bill claimed he was only half the man he usually is, although i don't think i'd quite make that claim.  he held up well with that status.  justin the nigerian (would that make him ni-justin?) was his normal active self.  just think what he might be like with some red bull in him.  and steve trying to steal don's trademark corner three pointer.  we'll let them fight it out on the court.

note for monday:  steel-toed nikes are strong suggested.  it seems that we've giving up twisting our ankles to wrecking our toes.  maybe it's because our ankles are damaged they can't make the news anymore.

keep in mind that next friday might yield us only half a court or no court.  i think we'll get half.  more on that as it develops.

have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

t-minus 11 and holding...

once again, eleven.

can't believe we saw aaron "please shove me" sherrill again. one kidney bill is still in the mix. (steve pointed out he should be called 1k bill.) one-eyed dave is going under the blade to become two-eyed dave again. not that he needed any more help with his game. he said he'll be out for a month. and mike has officially extended his range to two feet in from the half court line.

oh, and it was good to see the missing nigerian. welcome back, kotter.

come back on friday. we'll be down at least one. that should make us ten. but then i heard rumors of yet another person coming out who wasn't present the past couple of times this week. maybe eleven will be our number again.

ps: did you guys feel the chill in the air when we left? drew pointed it out that he did indeed bring his stone cold game. who wants to bring their stone cold on friday? anyone? bueller?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

chill in the air?

oh, by the way, drew says that if you feel the air cooler than normal tomorrow morning when you step out for hoops, it's because he's bringing some stone cold action to all y'all.  and when you leave and feel the chill again, it'll be a reminder of what just happened.

(ok, so he didn't really say that.  but he was thinkin' it.)

bring it!

Monday, September 25, 2006

post madness

monday was indeed madness.  we played hard and had fun and a zero body count.  can't ask for more.

it was good to see one-kidney bill back with us again.  welcome to the party (again).  drew brought some game with him, as did furlough greg.  and aaron "please shove me" sherrill made a guest appearance.  total them up to equal eleven again.  seem to be keeping that number alive.

we play midweek.  come wednesday.  it's free.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

monday madness

got a strange need for some basketball you can't seem to kick? is it a desire that seems to overcome and excite you when it crosses your mind? do you lay out shorts and shoes the night before in anticipation?

if this sounds like you, you might have a case of madness that can only be resolved by playing hoops...tomorrow morning.

if you don't have that feeling yet, check the pictures below. they might help motivate.

(click the image to see the larger version.)
john makes a move mike shoots gregs brings it drew steps up
drew shoots

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

from seven to eleven

only since the first of this year have we seen the number we did today.  eleven people.  i have to admit that i was finding it a little hard to sub in and out since my bod is used to going full steam the whole time.  nevertheless, it was good to have the crew as big as it was.

same stuff on friday.  see you guys then.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

see you in the morning

i'm getting ready to head to bed.  i'll see you gents in the morning.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

back to fridays

after a couple of fridays off, we're back on track with the friday schedule a go.

two known peeps will not be there, so in order to have the groovy number of eight people will need to make sure one more person joins the posse.  promise gifts and kickbacks if they come.  whatever it takes.

that reminds me:  i need to pick up some red bull on the way home from work.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


i had a dream last night that i was playing basketball.  it was four-on-four, and i just grabbed the ball on a rebound/steal/whatever and drove to the other end of the court.  my guys were already there (but no defense).  i stopped at the three point line and shot.  i was still moving forward when i took the shot yet it fell grossly short of the basket.  i yelled out to (aaron, i believe) to save it, which he did.  dennis was there to get the pass and put the lay up right in.  the defense never got there in time.

make your dreams come true!  play hoops with us tomorrow morning!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

half full?

well, i checked out the gym tonight and the floor was completely empty.  at least, that is how it was a little after 8:00p.  i don't know if they were going to set up tonight or what.  i would suggest keeping with the plan for half court.

Friday, September 8, 2006

monday hoops

this is the email from elaine:
the gym will not be available on monday. actually, from now on when there is a senior luncheon, the gym won't be available that morning. there is a senior luncheon once a month on either the first or second monday of the month.

i don't know if we'll be able to play half court yet. if someone could spare a pair of eyes later on sunday to determine if the half will be available, we might could play that.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

reminder: no friday hoops

don't forget to sleep in on friday, unless you guys want to plan to meet on the greens for nine holes before 7:00a.  dennis, can you hook us up?

we'll get it all back together on monday for a full week of hoops.  andrew said he was disappointed in the amount of smack that was down today.  he says to you all, "your mama!"  i don't think we can let him just walk away with that kind of in-your-face speak.  (ok, so he really didn't say that again, but it got you going again, didn't it?)

let it simmer and come back on monday.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

tip-off time

back to the normal schedule of 6:00a hoops tomorrow morning. i plan on waking up on time this time and not to leave you guys hanging. tip-off time is hopefully closer to 6:00a than 7:00a.

andrew said he's ready to put some smackdown on anyone coming tomorrow. sounds like a good challenge to me. nothing brings out the best in us like a good taunt, right? ok, so he didn't really say that. but weren't you ready for him? that's what i'm talking about.