Wednesday, September 27, 2006

t-minus 11 and holding...

once again, eleven.

can't believe we saw aaron "please shove me" sherrill again. one kidney bill is still in the mix. (steve pointed out he should be called 1k bill.) one-eyed dave is going under the blade to become two-eyed dave again. not that he needed any more help with his game. he said he'll be out for a month. and mike has officially extended his range to two feet in from the half court line.

oh, and it was good to see the missing nigerian. welcome back, kotter.

come back on friday. we'll be down at least one. that should make us ten. but then i heard rumors of yet another person coming out who wasn't present the past couple of times this week. maybe eleven will be our number again.

ps: did you guys feel the chill in the air when we left? drew pointed it out that he did indeed bring his stone cold game. who wants to bring their stone cold on friday? anyone? bueller?