Tuesday, October 31, 2006


we had fifteen on monday!  most we've had in a long time.  and this crew came from another place.  it was good to see moby again.  the games were hard on the bod and good for exercise.  will we have a big number tomorrow?  we'll see.

best i know at this point is that we will have hoops on wednesday.  i don't believe the gym would be in any disarray, but we might should check it before we leave trunk-o-treat tonight.  speaking of that, i'll be operating in spot 71.  swing by if you need surgery.  :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006


i don't know if we'll have full or half court tomorrow morning.  i swung by on the way home and checked and found the gym to be clear and ready for some full court.  but the senior citizen lunch is tomorrow, so perhaps after i left someone came in and set up.  that would mean possibly half court.

i believe we'll be able to play something.  my hunch.

i'm on-call and tonight is my last night.  i don't believe i'll be called; but if i am, it will mean i might not make it tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

more smack talk

well, it appears as drew the freshman has resorted to his smack talk again.  i almost tripped over the gauntlet as i left my cube earlier.  he said, "come and see."  i think this warrants some popcorn for the cool show we're in for on friday.  bring your cameras, playerz!

see you at the gym!

ps:  i haven't looked up the rule set for backcourt violations.  i have nothing to report as yet.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

many happy returns

monday's game brought a few people out we don't see very often:

  • the missing nigerian was no longer missing.  he came back with a few new tricks that amazed us all.

  • aaron "please shove me" sherrill is a familiar face too but hasn't been in a little while.  good to see him.

  • ryan (aka, the marine) joined us being very few, very proud, very marine.

missing from the mix still are:

  • don, but we know you are still recovering from knee stuff.

  • drew--not sure what his excuse is.

  • 1kb who is probably doing a bit of road work as he had told us.

we had a good nine, four vs. five, and it was a fun time, as always.  and i'm sure tomorrow will be big fun too.  be a part of it.  come home to hoops!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

worked out

everytime we play the three-on-three full court, i always feel like i've played!

friday is go.  come out for more playin'.  headband steve won't be there, so we'll need at least one more to cover his spot.  has anyone seen the missing nigerian?  wherez he been?  and rob e rob was more than likely snoozin' on one of his mornings off.  let's see if he comes back on friday.  if you've been slackin', now's the time to step up.  don't wait for the new year's to make the resolution to play.  beat the rush.  come now!

Monday, October 16, 2006

we came, we played

back to a good four-on-four matchup this morning. we had a special guest, rob e rob (not to be confused with doug e doug). looks like he came to play, and he wasn't as out of shape as we thought he'd be for being gone all those months. poor drew lost the $15 bet we had that rob e rob would be useless halfway through the first game. he came out quite strong bringing his game. ok, so drew didn't really bet any of his cash, but you were sitting there thinking how you could get in on that action next time. i know you were.

i don't know about anyone else, but the funniest moment of this morning was when bogie made the overhead power save right into the chest of mike cho (aka mc). i swear i think it knocked mc back a foot or two when it impacted his chest. pluses, however, to mc for the great, homemade sound effects made when the ball collided with his sternum. i think part of the cry was surprise, though. i couldn't stop laughing for three plays as i kept seeing that clip play over and over in my head. that was really a treat.

see you kids wednesday!

Friday, October 13, 2006

odd day

well, due in large part to the men's retreat, the numbers were quite low today.  two-on-two half.  bandanas against...the plain heads.  i could have probably played better, i'm sure.  bogie played the part of 1kb by bringing his patented "chop" defense.  he was lining up threes all morning forcing me to actually have to play defense (can you believe that?).

when it was all said and done, dennis and bogie were both pretty tired.  headband steve and i were little winded, but we decided that plain heads needed to stop after three games.
we will be back on the court on monday.  come amped.

ps:  i saved my red bull for monday.  i saved for all of you who were mia today.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

yes, we are...

...playing in the morning!  sorry this didn't get published sooner, but work has been a little stacked lately.  you might not even see this until it's too late.  even if you are reading it after the fact, get in your delorean, drive to the church at about 88 miles per hour, and you'll get to play anyway.

Monday, October 9, 2006

playin' the w

four-on-four full had some good times this morning.  i think one morning when we play on a holiday, we should all head over to waffle house after hoops.  i mean, it's the one place that serves breakfast where you don't have to dress up nice to eat.  we can just walk in as-is and get some eggs and bacon and waffles all scrambled, smothered, and covered.  you guys think about it and let me know.

for now, we play on the w.  that's wednesday.  same bat time, same bat gym.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

our gym

we get our gym back tomorrow. we can play. hope your muscles got a good rest on friday. i totally enjoyed sleeping in a little longer on friday. but i'm going to bed early to make sure i get plenty of rest so the red bull will bring my levels up.

see you guys in the morning!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

no hoops friday!

in case you didn't get the email, no hoops tomorrow. this is what we are facing (see picture).

we'll go at this on monday. and if you didn't get the email, check the mailing list link on the right for info on how to become a subscriber.

too many tables and a stage

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

unreal tournament

nine was the number.  four-five was the split.  and the fantastic four came out strong.  yellow was shamed after the first game.  i heard don make some "wow" comment as soon as the last points zipped through.  it took four games for yellow to have any stake in this morning's tournament.  the five finally got a break with some outside shooting putting numbers back on the board.  plus there were a few good drives by headband steve.  it should be noted that the fantastic four included 1kb (one-kidney bill).  i think he's recovered.  the other members of the four were long-range mike, wonder jeff, and the nigerian.

i will post here friday the status of the court, whether we'll be in half session or not.  wait for it.

what i learned today:  alka-seltzer nighttime cold and sinus meds don't leave you at your best in the mornings no matter how much red bull you drink.

Monday, October 2, 2006

rough monday

this three-on-three-full-court stuff is killer. adding just player to both sides makes a big difference. i'm glad this configuration gives us all the exercise because i'm not sure i'm getting much else from it. on a personal note: my apologies to don and drew, who would have done probably better if i had just at home in bed. (we all might have done better.)

so, we are totally on for hoops wednesday, this is the big one as we might not have full court on friday. i will be there on thursday night and will post here that evening if we can be at least half court. check your email or this site for the news. then you too can be down with the 411. drew sez if we have at least four-on-four for wednesday, he'll show us his no-chair-slam-dunk move. ok, so he didn't say that, but that, i'm sure, he dreams about!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

another update: monday hoops are on!

sonny reports that the gym was cleared today.  monday hoops are on.  come in the morning.