Monday, October 2, 2006

rough monday

this three-on-three-full-court stuff is killer. adding just player to both sides makes a big difference. i'm glad this configuration gives us all the exercise because i'm not sure i'm getting much else from it. on a personal note: my apologies to don and drew, who would have done probably better if i had just at home in bed. (we all might have done better.)

so, we are totally on for hoops wednesday, this is the big one as we might not have full court on friday. i will be there on thursday night and will post here that evening if we can be at least half court. check your email or this site for the news. then you too can be down with the 411. drew sez if we have at least four-on-four for wednesday, he'll show us his no-chair-slam-dunk move. ok, so he didn't say that, but that, i'm sure, he dreams about!