Wednesday, October 4, 2006

unreal tournament

nine was the number.  four-five was the split.  and the fantastic four came out strong.  yellow was shamed after the first game.  i heard don make some "wow" comment as soon as the last points zipped through.  it took four games for yellow to have any stake in this morning's tournament.  the five finally got a break with some outside shooting putting numbers back on the board.  plus there were a few good drives by headband steve.  it should be noted that the fantastic four included 1kb (one-kidney bill).  i think he's recovered.  the other members of the four were long-range mike, wonder jeff, and the nigerian.

i will post here friday the status of the court, whether we'll be in half session or not.  wait for it.

what i learned today:  alka-seltzer nighttime cold and sinus meds don't leave you at your best in the mornings no matter how much red bull you drink.