Monday, October 16, 2006

we came, we played

back to a good four-on-four matchup this morning. we had a special guest, rob e rob (not to be confused with doug e doug). looks like he came to play, and he wasn't as out of shape as we thought he'd be for being gone all those months. poor drew lost the $15 bet we had that rob e rob would be useless halfway through the first game. he came out quite strong bringing his game. ok, so drew didn't really bet any of his cash, but you were sitting there thinking how you could get in on that action next time. i know you were.

i don't know about anyone else, but the funniest moment of this morning was when bogie made the overhead power save right into the chest of mike cho (aka mc). i swear i think it knocked mc back a foot or two when it impacted his chest. pluses, however, to mc for the great, homemade sound effects made when the ball collided with his sternum. i think part of the cry was surprise, though. i couldn't stop laughing for three plays as i kept seeing that clip play over and over in my head. that was really a treat.

see you kids wednesday!