Wednesday, November 1, 2006

get your friday fix

word on the street (from elaine) is that monday hoops are out for the senior luncheon. that means only two days next week. come friday and give it all you got cuz you get monday to let it heal.

remember also that we are going to be down two peeps. do the math: nine from today...wait, let make this a word problem. if twenty-one people are on the distribution list and two of those addresses are duplicates to the same person and we haven't seen three of those people in almost ever and two come very rarely and two come every so often and two are out of town and one has mono, how many people will we need to make at least a good eight to play some good hoops?

if you are having trouble getting the answer, find someone who is good with math and plays hoops and have him help you with the answer...and come on friday...because we'll probably need him.