Thursday, November 9, 2006

still alive in the world

you are probably wondering, "will we play tomorrow morning? is round ball still being played around the world? has mock dropped the ball?"  well, i might have dropped the ball for an explicit wednesday announcement, but we did play.

games were on with ol' three versus four full court slam.  mono mike was back not missing much of a beat, and paired with pirate dave and my self (who was also donned in little pirate garb), we gave the rest their money's worth (i think).

oddly, the missing nigerian was, well, missing again as was drew.  we can't always be honored with the presence of aaron "please shove me" sherrill, but in his absence i had to resort to shoving bogie a few times.

round ball is indeed being played around the world, and more importantly, tomorrow morning.  be there or be square.