Monday, July 2, 2007

planning for wednesday?

i apologize for the later notice that went out last night concerning hoops this morning. i was actually in the gym last evening packing chairs when i was informed that the seniors were going to be using the gym "as is." i called don (at home) and had him send out a quick email to inform. as soon as i got home (later), i posted a message.

with that in mind, if you are not on the email list, sign up on the right (mailing list link). you can subscribe and unsubscribe at will with whatever email address you wish.

here's how i usually handle the website: when i update the site, i'll email the post out to the distribution list. on nights before hoops, i usually head to bed by 10:00p, so any post will be up and sent by or before then. but i generally try to send out notices earlier than that. if i know something sooner, i try to post as soon as i find out to keep everyone informed. sometimes others know more than i will, and email is utilized with the news.

that said, how many will are planning to come on wednesday morning? will there be a posse? let me know! i do plan on attending.