Sunday, December 16, 2007

beating the monday morning cold

looks like monday morning will be a cold one. don't let that prevent you from early morning hoops. here are some tips to stay warm:

  • wear a jacket (or sweats). dressing in more than shorts to walk outside will help keep you warm.

  • use the heater in your car. unless you live within two minutes from the church like i do, your car should be warm while driving to hoops (if you turn the heater on, that is).

  • drink a warm beverage pre-game. be it some hot coffee or a slightly heated red bull, both are bold moves but will help warm your insides.

  • come and play. that will most certainly warm you up. like c&c music factory, we're gonna make you sweat.

if you employ these ideas, being warm will not be hard. tip-off at 6:00am!