Thursday, April 10, 2008


instead, here are some suggestions to do when you wake up early out of habit:

  1. go to cracker barrel and get the old timer's breakfast (before the senior citizens fill up the parking lot)

  2. go to waffle house and enjoy something smothered and covered

  3. watch the sun rise (unless it's raining)

  4. watch the rain fall (unless it's clear)

  5. hit wal-mart when no one else is there (help stock shelves for fun)

  6. rearrange the living room furniture before your wife gets up (surprise her!)

  7. catch up on "lost" (if you are behind like me)

  8. call a friend on the other side of the world (they're up too)

  9. go for a run/jog (yeah, right!)

  10. come to the gym and sit out in the car and listen to the morning radio show until 6:10a then go try one of the above ideas (two for the price of one)

see you monday!