Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hoop friday after all

ok, everyone.  since there's been a cry out for the hoops on friday, we'll meet.  same time, 5:55a.  so, if you've said you would be here, gotta be here.  no backing down, no last minute changes.  if you weren't at hoops on wednesday morning, i told the guys that unless it's your personal ICU moment you will be there.

now, here's the deal about the court:  because the church i closed on thursday and friday, they are setting up the gym for superchurch today (wednesday) of everything except for the chairs.  on friday, we'll need to move things out of the way to play, then we'll need to stick around and put it all back including the chairs.

that's it!  i'll see the nine of you definites on friday:  justin (+2), gene, bogie, big daddy dave, 1 kidney bill, donnie, and me.  any others are welcome!