Thursday, May 21, 2009

long weekend

in preparation for the long weekend, it only makes sense to come play
some basketball. let me give you some reasons:

1. you'll be eating lots of grill out. lose the pounds ahead of time
so you break even.
2. it's so totally fun that you know you can't miss it.
3. we need ten guys.
4. fridays are always good days since a weekend is close.
5. you might get to see dennis (will he be there? come and see)
6. we don't play on saturday.
7. three words: waffle house after

if those reasons don't motivate, we'll try hypnosis for subconscious triggering.

speaking of a long weekend, who's gonna show for memorial day monday
hoops? i think getting a good count ahead of time will let me know if
i get to sleep in or not.