Thursday, May 7, 2009

shields up

communications officer: "incoming transmission, sir."
captain: "open channel. this is the captain of the starship
basketball. what are you doing this sector?"

[captain stands up from his captain's chair.]

aliens: "we have come to challenge you to a game of the round ball."
captain: "you know the rules to our games?"
aliens: "we have scanned your espn database and found all we need to know."
captain: "we have this little place on the surface of the planet
below. we'll send you the coordinates."

[captain head gestures to communications officer to transmit the numbers.]

aliens: "we have received your location coordinates. we will meet
you for the encounter."
captain: "agreed. we'll beam down at oh-five-hundred-fifty hours.
oh, and make sure you bring it!"
aliens: "oh, we will."
captain: "close channel."

[captain sits back down in the center seat and turns to his first officer...]

captain: "we'll see if they show."