Tuesday, June 2, 2009

summer slim

as much as i am in denial it will actually happen, we might have
started the slim attendance season which we also refer to as summer.
i could be wrong. maybe it was just a down day. certainly was odd.
don't forget how this works, though. summer means grilling and
grilling means lots of steaks and hot dogs and burgers and chips and
watermelon and all that is a threat to your beach bod.

fear not. basketball is your solution, your cure. this exercise can
keep you looking like you stepped out of the gym (perhaps literally).
you can maintain all the work you've put into building this summer's
physique. don't let that go to waste. if you are married, your wife
will be impressed with the results. if you are single like me, it
couldn't hurt in helping you snag a date. either way, this means you.

don't spend money on other gyms or fancy contraptions. grab your
shorts and shoes and show up three days a week. it's free and
effective. just remember this: the summer slim should refer to your
bod, not morning hoops attendance.