Thursday, November 19, 2009

too comfortable

don't get too comfortable expecting muffins all the time playing basketball.  gene, aka "the muffin man," brought up some post-hoops goodies this past wednesday to celebrate pirate dave's birthday.  and we had the numbers for full teams.  pirate dave shed a lonely tear when he realized matched teams AND muffins.

"i never thought we'd have enough guys on my birthday.  and the muffins are just icing on the cake!" said pirate dave, emotionally moved.  "it was the best birthday evar!  and you guys are the best evar!"

thanks for the muffins, gene, and for all the guys that came out to make this past wednesday special for pirate dave.

of course, we'll be playing the same ol' tomorrow morning.  same time and stuff.  no muffins, but guaranteed fun.

oh, and mark it down:  we'll be playing monday and wednesday next week, but not friday.  there will be too many people gone to attempt that day.  you'll have to find other ways to get rid of your turkey pounds.