Thursday, March 11, 2010

continuing the madness

march is a time for madness.  and even though we aren't playing for trophies or money or prestige, we still continue our madness of getting up early and pounding the court all in the name of old age--er, exercise.  some people consider it madness.  but know better.  our bodies are used to the exercise now.  they, in fact, miss it when skip a day or two.  we spend money to buy shoes and clothes for this exercise.  we risk waking up spouses and kids early.  we occasionally brave the elements of nature to show up.

maybe it is madness.

maybe we are insane.

but it's worth it, right?  it's a brotherhood, a fraternity.  it's a band of men who long for more than a few more minutes of sleep and a day's worth of sluggishness while pumping coffee into our systems to keep us alert all the time wishing for an intangible much more.

who's with me?  can i get a "hoo-rah"?