Thursday, September 2, 2010

a new day has donned

that day would be wednesday when we had four dons converge on our morning of hoops. it was a sight unexpected and unparalleled in the history of our time on the court. and we had fifteen playahs. impressive for a midweek meet. but this begs the question: we will see four dons on one morning again? is this truly a moment that will become lore around the center circle? "remember the time when all four dons were here...." and it happened on the first of september. what does this mean?

and while we are asking the important questions, i have to also ask: who is planning to play on monday (labor day)? give a me a reply via email, either yea or nay. i need to know if it's worth me setting an alarm on a holiday.

see you all tomorrow morning, dons or not.