Sunday, December 12, 2010

how i see it...

so, the way i see it play out is like this: i can make the trip from my house to the church in a couple of minutes, maybe a little bit more with the slick roads. i get to the gym, open it up, and get the place ready for some serious play time. but then oh-six-hundred rolls around and no one has shown up. i check out the front door to see if there are any parked cars waiting for more to show before they come in only to find the parking lot empty. i shoot around till oh-six-fifteen, lock the cage back up, drive back to my house where i take a hot shower, scramble up some breakfast, and work from home.

OR i could just say let's not chance anything tomorrow, and we'll try this again on wednesday, and i could sleep in with the rest of you blokes. yeah, that sounds like the best plan here. turn off the alarms for tomorrow morning. we'll call this one a snow day for hoops.

see you all on wednesday!