Thursday, January 20, 2011

no real threat?

i happen to think there is no real threat of weather interfering with our play time tomorrow morning. with the pre-emptive efforts of the city employees, brine has be dumped on the roads to make it possible for us to play hoops tomorrow morning. (thanks, you guys!)

i know what you're thinking. "but, mark, what if there is more snow and stuff than what the weather guys said there would be and schools are closed and i have no bread or milk?" i'll tell you what: if there is craziness on the road tomorrow morning and it's all white and you can't see the roads, i'll post an update (like before) to the email list and the site so you can not gamble with your life. of course, if you've not already gotten your milk and bread by that point, you are already gambling with your life.

and for those of you real mean who show up no matter what (cary), we'll leave early if no one else shows up and head over to the waffle house for, well, waffles.

(if you want some entertainment, the comments on knoxnews stories can provide that, including this one about the aforementioned brine: .)