Thursday, March 31, 2011


it was amazing! twelve guys! six per team! everyone was running hard and subbing out so smoothly it was like butter. we all got in some great exercise, everyone had a good time. we are so glad to finally have a large crowd. i would chalk this up as a great morning. i WOULD have, except that never happened. instead of twelve on wednesday, we had six.


we were not daunted by the slackers, though. we took to the court with a fury only seen by few in epic battles and in killzone 3. the passes, the lobs, the steals, the ally-oops, the alley-whoops, and the waffles. yes, i said waffles. after we play some spectacular 3-on-3 full court mayhem, we all loaded up in the back of trent's plumber trailer and headed over to the waffle house (on cedar bluff). there we ordered a lot of scattered, smothered, and covered as we rehashed (heh) the morning's legendary tales. we even got tattoos commemorating the event. we can't let the bond shared during times like these be dismissed. these are the things we tell our sons as they make the journey to manhood.

i'd love to see ten tomorrow morning, but i know there's cooler weather still in forecast. that usually means only a few, proud appear center court. for the sake of the other five, i ask for eight. it's almost as epic as i've embellished above, but not as tiring.