Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bring your own pony

that acronym would BYOP.  why would your bring your own pony?  consider:  who would share their pony for you during a game of basketball?  right, no one.  of course, would you really trust someone else's pony?  it's always better to have your own.  but no dogs, people.  this isn't a dog AND pony show.  ponies only.

now, i know what you're thinking right about now:  "i don't have a pony.  i don't think i can find a pony before tomorrow morning.  and even if i could, i don't know if i have enough to buy one."  i just have to say that it really is all on you to find your own pony.  since i just covered that we don't share ponies, i think you might want to start looking now.  good thing we are not in new york.  it's easier to find ponies around here than it would be up there.  and cheaper too.  just imagine how much cash you would have to pony up for a...pony.  you know what i'm saying.

so, show up tomorrow.  bring your own pony.  no dogs allowed.  pretty simple if you ask me.

ps:  this is not a pony:  http://bit.ly/o4nUhT