Tuesday, July 12, 2011

communication restored

now that email is back to working and i know how to deal with restarts in the future, we should be back to our old email notification frenzies.  while i have your eyes, we play tomorrow morning.  yes, it's a wednesday.  yes, we've done this before.  yes, it's the same schedule as always.  just letting you know we are still here.

and by the way, i do post the same stuff to the site.  if email isn't around when you check, you can always go to www.westparkhoops.com and find out what's going on.  for the real geeks out there, add the google calendar to yours so that you can see the hoops schedule on your calendars.  i make the effort to remove the events when i know they aren't going to be available.  and pete's been good to let me know those well in advance these days.

ok, see you all in the morning.  all TEN of you.  not just the mere six we had on monday.