Tuesday, December 20, 2011

deck the hoops

normally, we'd be sleeping in tomorrow morning, but pete surprised us with extra hoops days!  let's not squander them.  surely you have all been starting with the holiday munchies.  keep that gut in check with one our active games of hoops.  that's tomorrow, yo.

we had considered not playing on monday, december 26, but a few asked about it.  i had received quite a few nays early on, so if you CAN make it this coming monday, let me know BY tomorrow evening.  if i don't hear a solid eight say yes, we won't try.  and remember:  a yes means you are committing to that monday, not a "probably so" vote.

reply to the email thread.  if you are not signed up for the email thread, follow the instructions under the "mailing list" tab at the top first, then cast your vote.