Tuesday, January 24, 2012

more for your money

cary mentioned that i hadn't been providing enough in the emails.  so, in order to make sure you are all getting your money's worth, here is an email with plenty of words to ensure that it's right.  i think you all are quality people who want to get the best investments.  that's why this email will make you all happy.  it full of words.  lots of words.  they make sense too.  not just random ipsum generators.  who wants that anyway?  and who reads latin?  and who would read random latin?  i know the language is dead, but how about a latin generator which could string words into phrases that actually make sense.  don't they have those for types of engines for spam email content?  not in latin, because let's face it, the...latins...didn't have email way back when.  if they did, this ipsum stuff might be considered a joke among them.  but seriously, if our random word generators were less random and more constructive, perhaps they might be smart enough to have conversations via email.  and if it could understand a reply and then generate another reply, it might continue to increase its learning to one day become self-aware.  then we have that whole terminator scenario on our hands.  yikes to that!   since we can predict that outcome with this type of discussion and know from movies how that would end, we can put a stop to it by just not wasting any time programming coherent word generators and just come play some hoops tomorrow morning instead.

how's that for money's worth, cary?