Tuesday, November 19, 2013

and then there were three

just three. on monday. not only is it not enough for decent play, it does not provide an abbreviated 2-on-2 morning. the ONLY thing good about three is that it's prime.

we can do better than three. we need our normal ten. five on five. full teams on both sides. tomorrow. wednesday.

i also need to inform/remind you about the annual gym floor refinishing. this usually happens around thanksgiving week, and this year is no exception. what this means for us is that we get to play the rest of this regularly scheduled week and then next monday morning. then we are off a week. no play until the following monday kicking off december. (see the google calendar at www.westparkhoops.com for a visual.)

now, i don't have to tell you what this means. you can do the math. thanksgiving = tons of food. unavailable gym = gut rejuvenation. a good solution is stay ahead of the game and play the next three (hey, there's that number again) time BEFORE thanksgiving and ward off the chubz.

to sum up: don't be chubz. be fit. play now. play often.