Thursday, December 19, 2013

above & beyond

attendance on wednesday was outstanding! i did not expect that.

we had visits from a couple of the originals, mike t and sonny e. then out of the blue, casey shows up, right back to his old shenanigans. almost of original crew seemed to make it and all of the new. the only one missing was, well, the missing nigerian...who is still missing.

that kinda of thing can happen often, as far as i'm concerned, even starting tomorrow. it will seem to me like christmas morning as i wait with anticipation to see who all shows up.

and regarding next week, i see four definites on monday (cary, bryan, issac, me) and six definites on friday (jeff, danny, bryce, cary, bryan, me). i'll get hand counts tomorrow for a final tally. if you are not on either list and should be, let me know via email or make sure i know tomorrow morning.