Thursday, December 17, 2015

closing in on christmas

we are just a week away from christmas. this year, the day falls on a friday. i'm going to make the assumption that no one will up at 5:30 on christmas morning to play some basketball. (i know i won't be getting up that early on that day.)

this leaves me with questions to ask for the other days. how many can be there on monday and/or wednesday. i would imagine monday to be normal, but wednesday might be iffy. that means i will need a firm count for wednesday.

and while i'm asking, what is the interest for friday, january 1? will there be enough waking up from counting down with ryan seacrest the night before to show for hoops? i'll need a firm commitment of at least eight for that day.

you can email answers to the group or raise your hand around the circle tomorrow...or monday.