Tuesday, February 27, 2018

tomorrow is go

we are playing in the morning. set your alarms. cancel those waffle house appointments (or move them until after hoops). we're back in action for wednesday hoops!

did you know we have a calendar? a google calendar is tied to all this. if you are reading this on the westparkhoops.com site, it's clearly visible on the right. i usually do my best to remove the times when the gym is unavailable from this calendar. and because it's a google calendar, you can integrate it with your google calendar to make planning you day so much easier. (if you are reading the email, cruise over to the blog at the address above to find the calendar.)

there are some upcoming dead air dates where the gym will be unavailable. as always, i will post those here as a heads up. the first you should keep on your radar is spring break. the gym will be getting a reconditioned floor as is the annual practice. plan your waffle house moments for march 12 - 16. we'll be back the following week to try out the new shiny court.

see you tomorrow morning!