Thursday, April 18, 2019

Good Friday Hoops

It's another Good Friday Hoops!

As the name suggests, it's Easter weekend starting with Good Friday. Still, we are playing hoops at the WP.

Last week, I put out the invitation for joining us for Easter services. The invite is still in effect. We will have a Good Friday evening service tonight at 7:00p.

 The one thing I did last week was to mistakenly mention we have two Saturday evening service when in fact we only have one service at 5:00p. We do have the three services on Sunday morning: 8:00a, 9:30a, and 11:00a.

That 8:00 is not sunrise, but it does give you the chance to attend and then beat the rush to the Waffle House for Easter morning breakfast.

I will see you tomorrow morning!