Thursday, June 20, 2019

Remember the Summer of 2019?

That's what we'll be saying years from now as we recall fondly all the good times we will have had this coming summer. In fact, summer starts tomorrow (Friday)! Prepare your grills!

Before I forget again: We are having our annual Celebrate Liberty event on Sunday evening starting at 6:00p at West Park. Concert to kick things off, then run on up to the Fields of Grace for different foods in the summer cookout theme. Games and stuff for the kids. There will also be plenty of watermelon. The evening will wrap up with fireworks as soon as it gets dark. Big stuff too! Not quick trip down to Watt Road. Just come and bring some chairs or blankets. Follow the link for more details:

In light of that cool seasonal fact above, I was reminded of some freedom memes I received from a friend last night. I'm going to leave you with one of them.