Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Five Nates

We had a discussion of all our Nates last week around the circle. We have five Nates:

- State Nate: Nate who works for channel 8, and DC calls "Lefty"
- Samauri Nate: Tall Nate who wears the bandana and would look like a samauri if he wielded a katana
- Lawyer Nate: Another Tall Nate who hasn't played with us in a while but is still out there
- Ten After John Nate: Nate who tried to take Ten After John's spot of arriving ten minutes after 6:00...but then Ten After John came back
- Construction Nate: This Nate is also known as Builder Nate (after Builder Bob) who works contruction with John

These are our Nates. If they all showed up, they could be their own team. #TeamNate