Thursday, March 12, 2020

Health and Hoops

As scheduled, the gym will be open tomorrow for hoops. I know that all college and professional basketball events have been cancelled in response to COVID-19, and as of now we have not chosen to follow suit.

That said, if you are cautious about things, do not feel pressure to show up in the morning. I personally will not hold it against anyone if the numbers don't show. It's completely understandable.

Also, if you have any form of sickness or think that you might be coming down with something, I encourage to you view it from the perspective of someone else with symptoms real or suspected bringing it to a healthy you, and then act accordingly. That is, consider how you would want someone to showing up to a sweating event with a virus to help decide if you should make the effort. Be wise; be considerate. (This prinicple should always be your guide, pandemic or not.)

I will see you in the morning.